Guest Fashionista Feature: Danella Alfaro

Hi there again! Im back on writing about more fashionistas out here in Dublin City and the next one I've come across with is Danella Alfaro, also known as Dee

       Dee's personal style is undoubtedly on point. She works almost all the colour on a pallet and turns it into a very High Fashion material. Ladies and Gents, I present you Dee. 

First of all, tell me about yourself.

      My name is Dee, I’m 19 years young, and Beyoncé is my spirit animal. I’m a BA student in UCD majoring in Sociology and Social Computing. Besides my love for playing dress up and with make up, I also sing a little. Matter of fact I have a Youtube channel (danellasaur) where I shamelessly upload song covers with my best pal ukulele – those and a few random vlogs are all I have at the moment, but I have a massive vision of what I intend to make happen with my channel as a musician as well as a fashion and beauty enthusiast.. and maybe even dabble in more personal areas with the likes of heart-to-heart talks and my travels.

How would you describe your style?

         Before coláiste (college) started I couldn’t wait to step on and conquer that new runway platform with my polished and classic outfits, but after being accustomed to the fact that I have to wake up at 5 am to get Vouge-ed up every morning to make it to my 9 am lectures, eventually I learned to adapt (eugh, #settle) to wearing comfortable ‘fits like the majority of college students. The basic combo of shirt-jeans-hoodie-and-Vans has dominated most of my days. But with that being admitted, my absolute comfort zone still lies within wearing all pieces sophisticated.  It is important I address my passion for wearing all black everythaaang outfits as I am a firm believer that black is the ultimate sophistication. I like to showcase ideal balance between (looking, not so much costing) high fashion and relatability. I shop at various retailers that provide quality for affordable prices (a.k.a. broke college student). But, of course, I whip the Michael Kors or the Louis Vuiton odd times. I have been told that I cannot dress appropriately for occasions and I guess that results from my logic that I shouldn’t cater to my surroundings; rather, the surrounding caters to me. If I’m going to a local house party or a casual coffee date and I feel like wearing heels, I will wear my killer heels. If I’m scheduled for an adventure that requires a lot of walking and I feel dressy, I will wear my chunky-heeled boots or holographic brogues even if I have to pay for the price of nasty foot blisters. I’m that girl.

Where did your love for fashion come from?

     My love for fashion simply derives from my process of finding and defining myself. I honestly can’t say my fondness of fashion has been present since the day I was able to break out of my mother’s dominant clothing choices for most of my youngin’ days, but over the years my keen eye for different trends has made me appreciate the opportunity that I have to be deeply interested and experiment with anything that, at each of their own time, made me who I am now. The term fashion, I feel, is barred in itself but with creativity and sense of self-expression, it is undoubtedly the greatest extension of my personality and my being.

Do you think fashion today plays an important role in society?

    It is beyond question that fashion plays a vital role in today’s society. Before, people were only interested in fashion for survival reasons. In a sense, this statement still applies today only the emphasis is put on survival being an act of social stratification demand, rather than humbly dressing appropriately to survive the traditional living and the inevitable weather conditions. Fashion has become an outlet of our creativity and preferences, and simply our own sense of self. Fashion has provided so much of today’s young generation with utmost freedom, in comparison to a more restricted view by our older folks. To put it simply in two primary ways, fashion can either make someone fit in or make someone stand out. (I tried not to sound so much of a Sociologist I swear.)

Who is/are your fashion icons?

     Rihanna. Need I say more? She is the epitome of edgy queen dreams.  Quoting from her CFDA Awards acceptance speech, my top fashion icon states “I can compensate for all my weaknesses with my fashion.. There are rules, but rules are meant to be broken.” This girl just gets me. Round of applause for my gal please? 

Who or what inspires you? 

      Inspiration is everywhere, to be honest. I can say I’m largely inspired by those who are rightly fashion-forward – the likes of fashion bloggers and youtubers. But not only that, street style is overwhelmingly inspirational too. Of course I dream of being surrounded by walking-inspiration New Yorkers, but I guess Dublin is not too bad. A major inspirational drive I have roots from my social media community. My subscribers, followers (and future blog readers!) have built my confidence up so much that I want to give back the online lovin’ they give me by continuously inspiring them through my social media. As well as my mentor friends whose frank and bold mouths I’m most thankful for, my greatest inspiration comes from within. My aspirations of creating creative content consistently and my goals of being able to express myself successfully to inspire others as well as for my own satisfaction are what inspires me the most.

Thanks so much Dee for your answers! If you liked her guest fashionista feature, don't forget to subscribe to her in YouTube @danellasaur. Stay tuned again for upcoming blog-posts! 

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